New Tours in Estes Park, CO - 970-481-8531 - 10a and 1:30p Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon.   Season ends Oct 13, 2014

Fun Tyme Trolleys

    Copyright 2014 Fun Tyme Trolleys LLC

Fun Tyme Trolleys is a new tour company with two 32-passenger trolleys providing a new way to experience Estes Valley and the Rocky Mountain National Park.      

JUMP ON BOARD and have some FUN with us!   Tours board on the West Side of the Visitor Center.                                                                

Welcome to Beautiful Colorado and the amazing mountain town of Estes Park.   Estes Park is known not only for where it sits, amoungst some of the most beautiful mountains in the country, but also for the animals that reside in this area (animals other than the humans)...the ELK.  Elk are frequently seen around town and in the neighborhoods.  You can almost be certain to see at least one during your trip, but yet promises can't be made, animals are unpredictable.

We at Fun Tyme Trolleys love elk and all animals in the Rocky Mountains.  We also love the history of this area so we decided to combine the two with our new tours.   Our tours will take you around (in search of Elk, Big Horn Sheep, etc) while sharing the many interesting historical facts, and people, of this beautiful area.

Our tours were created in conjunction with the Town of Estes Park's Historian Laureate, James Pickering.  We are thrilled to bring these tours to visitors and locals.  Please join us for our one-of-a-kind tours.

We look forward to your visit.

Fun Tyme Trolleys gang!


Go to our TOUR page to book tickets on-line.   Or if you are interested in a charter or wedding, fill out our "contact us" form located on the CHARTER and/or WEDDING PAGE.   We'll be happy to arrange a group charter catered to your needs.  

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